Sample - Daniel O'Toole AKA Ears
by Sample.Tv

Lavander Castles, is my first 8mm film. It is basically a test run, and documents a trip to the Mountains to visit a friend and make some drawings and polaroids around Blackheath. 

On the 26th of October 2011, Ears and Jack Prest, otherwise known as Flight Recorder, travelled to western Sydney to perform as a part of an installation in a disused shop front in the Minto Mall. All the music is improvised live, with performances by Matt Prest and Lee Wilson, filmed by Tom Psomotragos.

This is a video shot on 8mm film by a friend named Bados which was made to document a time and a place in Newtown known as the art busking days. For nearly half a year we were out on King street painting these cardboard paintings and giving them to the locals for donations. Its how I made my start as an artist, and was my first experience with making a good living from my visual work.

'The journey of an artist. Daniel O'Toole aka 'Ears' enters the Archibald with a portrait
of photographer Tamara Dean.