The long tomorrow

Solo exhibition

27th June - 21st July

May Space, 409 George St Waterloo NSW

‘The Long tomorrow’ was the name of a chapter in a french comic titled ‘Möbius’ which was an incidental discovery during a two month studio residency with Lyon based studio ‘Taverne Gutenberg’. During this time, O’Toole was invited to exhibit a video work ‘Echo Chamber’ as a part of the 2017 Biennale in a group show titled ‘Ici Maintenant’ which translates as ‘Here Now’.

‘In late 2017, I travelled to Lyon, France to embark on a studio residency with Taverne Gutenberg that transformed the way I approach abstraction. In the first few days of arriving my sketches of local architecture became an obvious choice of focus for the paintings to come. I was enthralled by the geometry of Gothic churches, Roman ruins, and classic French design. The colour palette of the city’s landscape and fashion influenced my work as soon as I started painting.’

(slide show below)


Echo Chamber is a moving painting - shot at 50 frames per second, before being slowed down to 25 frames per second, evoking a surreal temporal state. 

The falling particles were captured using talcum powder in water, and the colour washes we’re made by filming afternoon sunlight passing through autumn leaves with a discoloured crystal held in front of the lens to distort the image.

The improvised  performance by ‘Madi Wall’ sought to explore a confined space, her eyes held shut to suggest her sleep-like state of dream wandering.

Digital footage is folded onto itself with a time delay of just a few seconds, creating a subtle visual echo. The pauses in Madi’s performance allow for the two figures to fall in sync for brief moments, moments of clarity - before the release from the subtle tension that is created by the disorientation of superimposed forms.