'Submerge' is a video portrait of Jennifer Harkin, exploring the tension between liquids in motion and the gravity of form.

This work is intended to be viewed as a painting in a state of flux, and implies a sense of narrative supported by the sound design that carries through the pieces.

Exploring the idea of life and death, and the life cycle as an endless loop. When we pass on, our energy is recycled, both physically and energetically.

Perhaps we are reincarnated as a different person, or as an animal, insect or plant.

Recalling memories of landscapes from around Australia and overseas, this split screen work is a collage of memories and emotions that link to places I have visited and explore the feelings we associate with the passage of time. Footage was collected in Japan, Mongolia, and the Blue Mountains (NSW). shot on 8mm, and digital. The work is HD video with a running time of 2:32. 

The final shot is a single wide screen image of ripples in the surface of a creek which acts as a visual metaphor for the infinite and mysterious nature of time. The disturbed surface of the water will never be completely still, just as it is impossible to stop the passing of time. 

This video featuring 'James Watkins' was made using Milk and Ink, to experiment with kinetic distortion and figuration. Using real world environmental elements and the unmoving human face to confront the viewer and draw focus to the tension between, a static state and the force of life events that interrupt our calm. 
Even in a still state, the figure is moving subtly and these nuances seem to become pronounced in contrast to the inclusion of the flowing liquid. 

This piece is made up of two different shots over-layed and blended with colour shifts managed digitally. 
The footage has been filmed through a screen of strings held by the subject and movement is triggered by hand, flicking the strings out of frame to give a trembling effect.
The intention with this work is to confront the viewer with a sense of disorientation, the sound track was recorded using analogue synthesis, creating a buzzing drone track,that builds in intensity as the work progresses and helps to add dynamics.